Tulane faculty a valuable asset to undergraduate research

Research done by faculty at Tulane University touches the world — from the hunt for a cure for Ebola to uncovering clues from ancient civilizations — and Tulane students are part of these exciting endeavors almost from the moment they enroll.

Tulane offers multiple opportunities for undergraduate student research. According to CELT, the Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching, having a research project provides undergraduates with educational, professional and personal benefits. They learn more about issues, methods and leaders in the field. They develop critical-thinking and analytical skills.

CELT suggests students wait until their sophomore year to select a specific research project, so they can figure out what field they are most interested in pursuing. Students who pursue research can be enrolled in any major in any of Tulane’s schools and it's common to seek a project in a field outside one’s major. Research can take many forms, from work in an established lab to writing, directing and acting in an original play.

Tulane’s best research resource is access to the university’s impressive faculty.

“CELT recognizes that the best undergraduate research experiences exist when students are properly supervised and mentored by faculty. Thus all research dollars awarded to students are accompanied by strong mentorship statements from faculty," said CELT Executive Director Toni Weiss, who is also the Lawrence M.v.D. Schloss Senior Professor of Practice in the Department of Economics in the School of Liberal Arts.

To find the right research project, undergraduate students should:

  • Take classes with professors whose work they find interesting.

  • Talk to faculty members and other students who already have research experience.

  • Take advantage of Tulane’s resources, such as poster sessions and lectures, to learn more about research experiences. The Tulane Funding Database includes a variety of stipends and grants that can defray the costs of a research experience.

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