AnthropoSonic events to feature vocalist Michaela Harrison

The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South (NOCGS) continues its exploration of the Anthropocene this year, highlighting the interdependence of humans, animals, and the earth by presenting AnthropoSonic, a two-part series of workshops and performance with African-descended vocalist Michaela Harrison.

The Anthropocene is a useful concept—and proposed geological epoch—recognizing the present era, in which human-generated forces have altered the earth’s surface, atmosphere and planetary patterns. Harrison is part of a growing ecosystem of research-based composers who engage with unexpected collaborators to investigate the impact of humans on other animals and the earth, promote healing, and explore our environmental futures.
Michaela Harrison is an international vocalist and healer whose career is rooted in relaying the elevating, transformational power of music through song and supporting others in accessing the fountain of healing energy available in nature through ritual and creative practices. Harrison has facilitated and participated in numerous workshops and retreats and is currently engaged in a project called “Whale Whispering,” a musical collaboration on water, healing and ancestry with humpback whales based in Bahia.

On Tuesday, Harrison will lead a “Whale Whispering” workshop as part of Courtney Bryan’s “The History of Jazz” course. The class is open to Tulane staff, faculty and students.

Tuesday, October 19
Dixon Hall, Room 152
Tulane University’s uptown campus
12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.

On Thursday, Harrison’s second presentation will include her research on marine animals and how it informs her art. This presentation is open to the public, but only 14 spaces are available. Lunch is provided. RSVP to

Thursday, October 21
Norman Mayer Memorial Building, Room 104
Tulane University’s uptown campus
Noon to 1 p.m.
Additional questions can be directed to

This fall, Harrison is collaborating with a variety of marine animals, live and via recordings, to channel transformation in her project “Whale Whispering.” Harrison’s visit to the Tulane campus will culminate with a discussion and performance as part of Imagining America’s 2021 National Gathering, “The Shape of Us: Waterways and Movements,” which is presented virtually.

On Friday, Harrison will be in conversation with artist and cultural organizer Jayeesha Dutta. From ancestral connections to whale whispering, the Imagining America and New Orleans Center for the Gulf South Friday morning plenary invites an expansive consideration of the transformative power of water practices through this intimate conversation and musical experience.

Friday, October 22
11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Click here to register for the online plenary.