Tulane University announces plan for new community tennis courts

Tulane University is further enhancing the student-athlete experience while engaging the local community. As part of an exciting new capital project, the university plans to transform a section of the parking lot at University Square, located at 200 Broadway Street, into first-class NCAA regulation tennis courts that will be open to the New Orleans community.

Once completed, these courts will serve as a training ground for the Tulane University tennis teams and will also become their primary competition facility and home venue, hosting various matches and tournaments throughout the year. The facility will feature limited seating, ensuring fans and supporters can witness the sporting action firsthand.

“With this new facility, we're giving Tulane Tennis a true place to call 'home.' A dedicated home court fosters a sense of pride and belonging among our players and creates an electrifying environment for fans and the community,” said Tulane University Athletic Director Troy Dannen. “This facility underscores our commitment to excellence in athletics and providing the best for our teams and supporters."

In addition to the tennis courts, the facility will house pickleball courts, further diversifying the sports offerings available to both the university's athletic community and New Orleans residents.

Sports enthusiasts, budding tennis and pickleball players, and local residents can play, practice, and hone their skills in the Black Pearl neighborhood, with the courts situated between Broadway Street and Leake Avenue.

Although the use of these courts will be restricted to daylight hours due to the absence of court lighting, the initiative ensures maximum utilization of the space during daylight hours, bringing benefits to both the university and the broader community.

This project represents Tulane University’s commitment to athletics and its dedication to strengthening community ties. A community meeting to discuss the project further is scheduled for October 11th.